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JB Cattle Company is a forage based operation. Our cow herd must be able to thrive on summer grass and winter stockpiled forage with a minimal amount of byproduct based protein. Our females must be very easy keeping, readily breed back and consistently raise a calf yearly. If a cow comes up open she is gone. Other reasons for culling are bad udders and bad dispositions. No exceptions. Our proven sire selection ensures  our culls are kept to a minimum.


Sire Selection Timeline


Our yearly genetic selection is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of our operation.  We use only proven sires for AI that represent our ideal EPD values.  We have a number of criteria we use in the choices we make:

  • Acceptable birth,  weaning and yearling weight
  • Must produce slick haired progeny.
  • Milk around +25
  • High docility
  • Positive energy value
  • Strong positive carcass values



We recently received harvest data on 152 heifers fed at Tiffany feedyard in Harrington, Kansas.  93.62% were CAB with 59.82% of the carcasses grading prime. Overall premiums for this set of cattle sold on USPB grid were over $200 per head. This is the type of performance that sets our cattle apart.

JB Cattle Co was featured on an episode of American Rancher - Genex - ​April 2013

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